Currently Accepting Consignments for the 2021 Fall Larsen Art Auction

How To Bid

There are many ways to participate in the Larsen Art Auction.  You can bid on lots live at the auction, online, via telephone, or as an absentee bidder.  Registration is required to bid on lots in the auction.  Please complete the registration form by clicking on the brown REGISTER TO BID button at the top of the website.  You can view information on registration under the REGISTRATION tab also at the top of the website.  Please see instructions below and feel free to contact the gallery if you have any questions or need additional information.


Please review the Terms and Conditions of Sale prior to registering to bid.  Note there is a buyer's premium due in addition to the hammer price and applicable taxes for each lot sold.  The results of the auction will be posted online under the PAST AUCTION RESULTS section under the VIEW LOTS tab.  Winning bidders will receive an invoice for the lots purchased by email as well as a list of recommended transport and shipping companies.  Payment for purchases is due within five (5) days of the date of the auction.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, wire transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).  Credit card purchases are limited in total to $25,000 (no additional fee).  

Attendee Bidder - You can join us in the gallery and attend the auction live in person.  Upon arriving at the gallery, visit the registration desk where you will receive your bid paddle with your bid number.  You may bid any time during a lot of interest by simply raising your bid paddle.  The auctioneer will recognize your bid.  You may also get the attention of one of the ringmen assisting the auctioneer.  If you are the winning bidder, the auctioneer will acknowledge your bid amount and your bid number ('Sold for $1,000 Paddle Number 153').  The Larsen Art Auction does not yet process payment or allow lots to leave the gallery on the day of the auction.  You will invoiced via email the day after the auction.  You may then call or visit the gallery to arrange payment.  Once payment has been successfully received in full, you may arrange for pickup or shipment of the artwork.

Phone Bidder - You can register as a phone bidder and participate live via an Auction representative during the auction.  In this manner, you may make decisions in real time pertaining to your lot of interest.  When registering as a phone bidder, simply list the lot numbers in which you are interested.  On the day of the auction, a phone bidding agent of the auction will call you approximately 2 lots ahead of the lot in which you are interested.  They will inform you of the starting bid and then call out the bidding to you over the phone.  Please inform them if you would like to jump-start the bidding with an initial bid above the starting bid.  Otherwise, wait until the bidding slows and inform the agent when you would like to place a bid.  The lot will not sell until you have a chance to accept the current asking bid.  There will be a final notice when a lot is ready to be sold ('Going once... Going twice...').  The agent will then inform you if you are the winning bidder and the hammer price.

If you have interest in other lots that are close together, it is likely our agent will stay on the line with you or place you briefly on hold until your next lot of interest is ready to begin.  If you have interest in other lots that are later in the auction, the agent will disconnect and contact you prior to your next lot of interest.  We try to use the same phone bidding agent for clients with several lots of interest, but this is not always possible.  The Larsen Art Auction has mostly used the same phone bidding agents at each of our auctions.

Absentee Bidder - You can register to bid as an absentee bidder.  Simply list your lots of interest as well as a top bid limit (not including buyer's premium) for each lot when registering to bid.  An agent of the Larsen Art Auction will then bid on your behalf live during the sale of the lot.  The bidding agent will begin at the starting bid for the lot and continue to bid on your behalf up to and including your top bid limit.  If bidding stops below your top bid limit, then you would be the winning bidder at that hammer price.  If the bidding surpasses your top bid amount, the bidding agent will suspend bidding on your behalf.  You may leave absentee bids on several lots.  Please note that your top bid amounts are not inclusive of the buyer's premium.  You will be informed after the auction whether or not you were the winning bidder.

Bidding Online - You can bid online through LiveAuctioneersInvaluable, or Bidsquare.  Simply visit the applicable website and register to bid through their platform.  Be sure to read the online platform's Terms and Conditions of Sale as these biddinig platforms will charge a higher Buyer's Premium than the host auction house.  At the beginning of the auction, agents of the Larsen Art Auction will open the online bidding platforms. The current bid and asking price will be updated as bids are placed during the sale of each lot.  If an online bid is placed, an auction representative will notify the auctioneer.  Placing a bid online does not guarantee a successful bid in the room.  The representative will either confirm your online bid as the current highest bid or will indicate that a bid was placed prior to your online bid.  A few seconds prior to the closing of the sale of a lot, the representative will indicate that the Auctioneer will be closing the lot ('Fair warning...').  Once the Auctioneer closes the lot in the room, the lot closes online.  If you are the winning bidder, you will recieve an invoice via email.  Due to the unreliable nature of the Internet and inherent delay in communication between the room and the online platform, please opt to register for telephone and/or absentee bidding if you are highly motivated to purchase a lot.  Absentee bids may also be placed directly with the Larsen Gallery.