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Various Authors

Lot 91

Andy Warhol Book Collection: (32) Books


12.25" x 10" x 25.25"

Dimensions are of the entire lot stacked together.

$500 - $1,000

Lot includes (18) ‘The Factory & Films’ Books and (14) ‘Photography & Celebrities’ Books including:  1st Editions of Andy Warhol:  The Factory Years 1965-1967 by Nat Finkelstein,  Andy Warhol’s Party Book published by Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, 1988,  and Factory Made:  Warhol and the Sixties by Steven Watson, 2003.

Weight: 62.7 lbs.

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Lot includes: 

  • The Films of Andy Warhol (Grey Pamphlet)

  • Andy Warhol: 'Oh this is fabulous' The silver age at the Factory 1964-1967 

  • All Tomorrow's Parties Billy Name's Photographs of Andy Warhol's Factory 

  • Andy Warhol Screen Tests The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné 

  • The Films of Andy Warhol: Part II (Grey pamphlet) (Andy Warhol Film Project March 30- April 24, 1994) 

  • Andy Warhol: The Factory Years 1964-1967

  • Andy Warhol Film and Paintings: The Factory Years

  • The Velvet Years: Warhol's Factory 1965-67

  • Andy Warhol Film Factory 

  • Andy Warhol's Factory Photos Factory Foto by Billy Name 

  • The Warhol Look: Glamour, Style, Fashion 

  • Andy Warhol: A Factory (German Edition) 

  • Andy Warhol's Party Book

  • Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties 

  • Stargazer: The Life, World & Films of Andy Warhol

  • The Holly Woodlawn Story: A Low Life in High Heels: A Walk on the Wild Side with Andy Warhol's Last Superstar 

  • Edie An American Biography

  • Archiving Warhol: an illustrated history 

  • Warhol (Marilyn pamphlet) 

  • Andy Warhol 

  • Andy Warhol Celebrities: More than Fifteen Minutes (Published on the occasion of exhibition Andy Warhol: The Celebrity Portraits Works from the Mugrabi Collection at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, las Vegas from Feb 7 - Sept. 7 2003) 

  • Andy Warhol: Portraits 

  • Andy Warhol: America

  • Andy Warhol Nudes (exhibition at Robert Miller Gallery, New York)

  • Andy Warhol: Portraits of the 70s 

  • About Face: Andy Warhol Portraits (Exhibition by the Wadsworth Antheneum (Sept 23, 1999-Jan 30, 2000 at Wadsworth in Hartford, CT & March 24-June 4, 2000 at the Miami Art Museum in Miami, FL) 

  • Andy Warhol Polaroids 1971-1986

  • Andy Warhol Die Sammlung Gunter Sachs (Andy Warhol The Gunter Sachs Collection)

  • Andy Warhol Polaroids Celebrities and Self-Portraits (Exhibition Starmach Gallery Oct 13 - Nov 17, 2000)

  • Andy Warhol's Exposures 

  • Andy Warhol Photography (catalogue of exhibition May 13, 1999 - Aug. 22, 1999 in the Hamburg Kunsthalle and Nov. 6, 1999 - Feb. 15, 2000 at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh) 

  • Nadar/Warhol: Paris/New York: Photography and Fame