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T C Cannon 1946-1978 Native American

Lot 94

Indian with Topknot, 1972/94


ed. 3 of 30

17.5" x 9" x 7"

Unsigned.  A certificate of authenticity from Marvin Embree, owner of the cast edition, accompanies this lot.

$15,000 - $25,000

Weight: 15.4 pounds.

T.C. Cannon is best known as a painter, but he created Indian with Topknot as a clay sculpture in 1972 while attending the University of Central Oklahoma. This only known surviving clay sculpture by T.C. Cannon is in the collection of his friend and fellow artist Marvin Embree.

In November 1993 a decision was made to create a cast of the bust. Permission to cast an edition numbering 1/30 to 30/30 was given by Walter Cannon, T.C.’s father and executor of his Estate, in March of 1994. The cast was done by John Learned at his foundry and studio in Oklahoma City. However, only 11 of the edition of 30 were cast.

Provenance:  Private Collector, Colorado acquired directly from the collection of Marvin Embree, owner of the cast bronze edition and original clay sculpture.

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