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Edward, Philip and Matt Moulthrop 1916-2003; b. 1947; b. 1977 American

Lot 67

3 Ashleaf Maple Bowls (1 each by Edward, Philip and Matt)

Ash Leaf Maple

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$6,000 - $8,000

  • Ed Moulthrop (1916 - 2003)  Rare Ashleaf Maple Acer Negundo bowl is 8" h x 10.5" in diameter; signed and numbered, bottom.

  • Philip Moulthrop (b. 1947)  Ashleaf Maple Acer Negundo bowl is 10" h x 9.5" in diameter; signed and numbered, bottom.

  • Matt Moulthrop (b. 1977)  Ashleaf Maple Acer Negundo bowl is 5.5" h x 7.5" in diameter; signed and numbered, bottom.

This lot represents three generations of wood turners with three Ashleaf Maple bowls, one by each generation of Moulthrop woodturner as described above.  Ed Moulthrop (1916-2003) was a noted architect and professor but is best known as a wood turning artist.  He is recognized as the father of modern wood turning, and credited with moving wood turning from a simple craft to an art form.   Moulthrop also was an innovator with his use of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to help prevent cracking in his more advanced pieces.  Philip Moulthrop (b. 1947) began his career as a lawyer but left the profession to become a full time artist.  Philip is best known for his introduction of a new style of wood vessel with his mosaic series.  Matt Moulthrop (b. 1977) is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as a third generation wood turner.  He turned his first bowl at the age of 7.  He strives to blend both tradition and innovation into his vessels thus honoring his legacy and yet using modern techniques to create his art.